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        About Yiheng

        Located in the beautiful coastal city Qinhuangdao, Hebei Yiheng Solar Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (previously named as Qinhuangdao Orient Science & Technology Co., Ltd.) is the first high-tech enterprise professional in R & D and production of solar module encapsulation equipments. Since its establishment in June 2000, the Company has experienced over ten years of development, and has become one of the most reliable suppliers in solar module sector.

        Yiheng Technology has devoted on high-speed rail equipment, environmental protection system, pressure vessel, and automatic assembly line in 2012. And it has successfully developed China’s first automatic taper coupling separate-installed machine, ultrasonic dry fog dust suppression system and long distance spray machine for environmental protection industry.

        The Company gathers nearly 200 employees at present, including more than 60% of them are educated to college level or higher. It has long term cooperation relationship with famous universities, eg.Yanshan University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Qingdao Technological University. And the company set up R&D center branch in both Xi’an and Qingdao. Till now, it has applied total 52 patents successively; thereinto, 49 applications have been authorized. Yiheng’s number of national patents ranks the first in the industry. In 2004, it was certified to ISO9001 quality management system and CE. The Company was awarded as national high-tech enterprise in 2006 and 2008 respectively. In 2014, the Company was certified to TUV quality system, which symbolized it gained favorable conditions for further business expansion in international market.

        Yiheng has long term strategic partnership with Schneider, Siemens, SMC, Mitsubishi, etc. It is unanimously praised by both domestic and foreign customers because of its advanced technology, perfect quality system, and professional service team.

        The Company will continue its business philosophy “for better service, for higher satisfaction”, “make the earth from being polluted, let the homeland clean forever”, and keep pace with the industry, thus providing customers with comprehensive service. Yiheng is willing to work with you together to create a better future in photovoltaic industry.