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        Yiheng targets at customers’ demands and strives to design, develop and manufacture all kinds of high quality solar module encapsulation equipments. The Company has set up a professional sales service system, and developed a number of well-known clients such as CSI, Yingli, JA Solar, etc.

        After many years of development, the Company has established a complete set of perfect service system. its head office sets up a Customer Service Center, and the service area contracting system is implemented in each sales region. Namely a sole-duty after-sales service division is established for each sales region and managed by appointed personal, thus to ensure they are able to give feedback and arrive at the site of service after receiving any service requests. 

        For a long time, Yiheng aims to customer satisfaction in operations, and it is unanimously praised by both domestic and foreign customers, and has become a high-standard service enterprise in national field of solar module encapsulation.