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        PV Assembly Line
        PV Assembly Line
        Solar Module Assembly Line
        Automatic Stringer
        Professionally used for photovoltaic solar cell stringing soldering, high automation, stable and reliable performance,quality assurance.
        Automatic Bus-bar Soldering Stringer
        Professionally used for solar cell automatic soldering in layup process; High automation, stable and reliable performance, quality assurance.
        Automatic Glass Transferring Machine
        As the first step of?Solar Panel Assembly Line, the above-mentioned structure not only improves the production efficiency but also reduces the worker's working?strength.?
        EVA/TPT Cutting & Lay-outing Machine
        Double-glass Module Automatic Sealing Tape Machine
        Professional for the edge-sealing process for double glass module, instead the traditional manual edge sealing
        Automatic Lay-up Machine
        The Equipment is used for laying-up the soldered stringing Cells on Glass or EVA according to requirements of process dimensions and layout direction
        Automatic high-speed Lay-up Machine
        AR-PBJ high-speed lay-up machine can connected with two sets of stringers, greatly saves space and cost.
        Automatic Framing Machine
        This machine is used?for the special equipment of automatic solar module?production line which can meet the requirements of automatic aluminum profile assembling?process.
        Curing Line
        Solar module grading unit
        The process of classifying the finished product of photovoltaic cell components is highly automated and stable and reliable.
        Packing Turnover 180° Unit
        It is used for packing, packing and packing of photovoltaic module after packaging, after discharging.
        EL Tester
        Application Fields: Defects of Solar Cell Material (debris, broken gate, pollution)
        Packing Turnover 180° Unit
        Automatic Packaging Line of Solar Panel
        Packing Turnover 90° Unit
        Automatic Packaging Line of Solar Panel
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