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T O G E T H E R,  A P A R T

Covid Care Collective is a registered Canadian non-profit that serves low-income Canadian families by providing access to essential food, medical and hygiene items. We allow our recipients to tailor their grocery orders to meet their household's unique needs.


One person's kindness to pay for a single grocery order for a family in need inspired Covid Care Collective's sponsorship program with over 3500 orders filled to date. 

“With the help of Covid Care Collective I am able to ensure my daughter has healthy food in her belly. It also allows me to know I can keep her safe by not needing to venture out into the craziness of the world right now.


Due to her health issues she is very high risk. I as well have severe asthma and reduced lung function due to chronic infections. We need to stay home, and safe, and since we have no one else to help, Covid Care Collective is what makes that possible." 

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