Do You Qualify?

1.  Are you in critical need of financial support to obtain food items and basic daily necessities? 
2.  Do you require specialty healthcare items (ie. hygiene products, medication, personal
     protective gear, etc.) or diet-specific items that cannot be obtained from food banks?
3.  Are you ineligible to receive the CERB and CESB?

*We do our best to help everyone, but please be patient with wait times and understand there is no guarantee


If you indicated on your application you CAN safely get to the store, someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly.

If you indicated you CAN NOT safely get to the store and you would like a volunteer to shop and deliver your order, please read the instructions below on how to use the Purposely platform.

  1. You will receive an email to notify you when your Purposely profile has been activated

  2. Log onto Purposely with the same email and password you used to  apply for our services

  3. An “ASK” will automatically be posted from your profile → this  indicates that you would like one of our volunteers to reach out to you to arrange your shop/delivery.

  4. Browse “OFFERS” → these are postings from our volunteers that you can respond to and arrange your shop/delivery. 

  5. All “OFFERS” are shown based on proximity to you. This means the first “OFFER”you see is from the volunteer closest to you

  6. We suggest you start a conversation with the first few volunteers on the list to see who is available to fill your order. Just say hi! Introduce yourself and let them know you would like some help with shopping/delivering your order.

  7. When a volunteer agrees to shop for your order, give them    your shopping list – keep in mind the allocated budget in the description on your profile. It's a good idea to have back-up items in mind in case the grocery store does not have your preferred items.

  8. Set a delivery time with your volunteer. All deliveries will be  curb-side and contactless.


Other Resources Across The GTA

We believe your first call should be to a Canadian food bank. If you are looking for support in the GTA, the city has put together an excellent resource which allows you to easily locate resources such as:

  • Food banks

  • Food delivery options

  • Housing support 

  • Ready to eat / takeaway meals

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